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Providing music to customers, guests and locations is a complex task.

We believe it does not need to be that way.

Ambimusic's mission is to become the most advanced, easy to use and complete solution for business music management and delivery.
Ambimusic has been created by world-class pioneers of digital music reproduction: the Volumio team.

As Volumio, we received countless requests to create a simple way to play great music in every location, and that’s how we shaped Ambimusic: by listening to the needs of Music Provider and Music agencies.

We realized that there was no need for yet another network streamer, or another proprietary CMS solution.

Instead, our goal is to deliver a complete and uncomplicated solution which encompasses everything from hardware, cloud based CMS to account and customer management.

This integrated approach will be the key to our and your success: delivering music for business with Ambimusic is efficient, scalable and cost-effective.


  • October 2017



    Volumio's team frontrunners shape their vision for a new company focused on B2B Music Business services.
    The new company will inherit Volumio's state-of-the art playback engine, used at the time by over 120k users worldwide, and develop a matching ecosystem thanks to the team experience in delivering IT solutions to 3 fortune 500's companies.
    Ambimusic fundamentals are identified thanks to several focus groups held with well established european Music Providers and a simple, yet ambitious Master Plan is envisioned.

  • February 2018


    Ambimusic Minimum Viable Product

    Ambimusic MVP is released with its minimum sets of features:
    - Playlist Manager accepting streams and files
    - Brand, locations and User management
    - 100% uptime playback engine with remote control ability
    - AmbiBox hardware player

    Early on-the-field deployment with selected partners, to validate and refine the design.

  • March 2018


    Expand operations and features

    Based on customers and partners feedbacks, expand Ambimusic feature's:
    - Third party integrations, like Jamendo, Spotify and SONOS.
    - In-store custom advertisement messages playback.

    Expand operations with further partners and bootstrap the reseller program.

  • Q2 2018


    Additional services

    Combine social features, phisical gadgets and extended services to allow our partners and customers to offer additional services:
    - Social kit for ehanced customer engament
    - Phisical merchandise

  • Q4 2018


    Rights management with Blockchain technology

    Creation of a blockchain based music royalty revenue and collection management system:
    - Release of Technology whitepaper for a blockchain based music royalty revenue and collection management system
    - A blockchain-based approach will eliminate uncertainty and middle-men, allowing artists, broadcasters and stakeholders fair and accurate compensations
    - Base the above approach on a mixed Proof-of-stake and Proof of work witness mechanism, to ensure scalabilty
    - Integrate the above rights management system into AmbiMusic


Michelangelo Guarise

CEO - Cofounder

Michelangelo is a serial entrepeneur, mainly known for Volumio, the most popular Audiophile Music player ecosystem worldwide with more than 120.000 active users.

Avid technologist and visionary, he currently teches Growth Hacking and Digital Marketing in Florence where he lives.

Tommaso Rossi

CTO - Cofounder

World class full stack developer, Tommaso has worked with several high-profile companies, such as RyanAir, Unicredit and Cartrawler.

There are really great chances that you use something he's worked on, in your daily life.