Music management for your business



Delivering a perfect music playback service to your customer is a complex task, we know it.

You usually have to deal with server configurations, file synchronizations, networking, user permissions and so on. And cross your fingers hoping that the puzzle will fit together.

Well, forget that. We've already taken care of everything for you. With Ambimusic, you can start scheduling music to multiple locations in less than 10 minutes.

From now on, we'll take care of all the infrastructure, servers and synchronizations for you.
There are many people in your organization, and you want to have control on who can actually control music and who don't.

For example, you want to allow that IT manager to change playlist, while the receptionist should only be able to set the volume of the entrance.

With Ambimusic you can easily achieve it, and do much more. We studied an advanced yet simple permission management: simply invite who you want and decide what he can do.
Whether you're a successful business owner or a popular Music Provider, you should be able to oversee all the music zones in a glance.

Ambimusic has been designed to manage unlimited brands, locations and zones from a single account.

You can for example add as many brands, like hotel chains, shop franchises or restaurants as you want. And customize the user interface of Ambimusic with their colours and logos, they will appreciate that.

Then, you can add as many locations per brand, like Four Seasons Venice and Four Seasons Florence, and recursively add as many zones as they need, like hall, SPA and lounge.

Simpy, finally a system that manages all your zones like you've always expected it to do.
Everybody will say that their solution is rock-solid-stable. Well, we won't.

You can, however, ask more than 100.000 users which currently use our technology.

Our Playback system has been inherited from Volumio Technology, a music playback system which we perfected over the last 5 years and tested with our community in countless combinations of systems, networks, and usage scenarios.

Every business has it's peculiarities, and the music playback hardware is one of them.

That's why we designed Ambimusic in a way it can be used on tablets, computers, phones and with our dedicated music player box: AmbiBox.

AmbiBox is our music player box: small, low consumption, rock-solid-stable and with an excellent sound quality.

But the best thing is that you don't really need it: AmbiMusic will work with what you already have.
Thanks to its state of the art playback engine, AmbiMusic can play any kind of file format, stream or third-party service.

You can create your fine tuned playlist combining streams, files, commercials and instantly synchronize the content over multiple locations with a single click.

On top of that, you can precisely schedule when and where your playlists are to be played with our easy to use scheduler.
Too many times you've been forced to adapt your business model to hefty upfront costs for hardware, servers and IT consulting.

Not with AmbiMusic: our simple pricing is designed to align to your business needs, paying only what you need for with a low monthly fee.

AmbiMusic helps you to stay competitive also with your pricing, by lowering the impact of your costs.
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Brand, locations and zones manager

Fleet management for music playback, made easy

See for yourself how easy it is to manage multiple brands, locations and zones with AmbiMusic.

Start by creating a Brand, like "Fall Seasons". Then add logo and brand colors, perfection is in the details.

You can now add as many locations, like Florence, Venice and Rome.

Now, for every locations you can add custom music zones, like Hall, Reception, Spa, Terrace.

Time needed? 5 minutes. Clicks? Few dozens. Headaches? None.

Playlist manager and editor

The most advanced browser-based playlist creator

No matter if you use streams, files or third party services. We can add and mix all of those to playlists.

Select which kind of media you want to add: streams, files or third party services.

Then tag them, so you can easily find them later, for example: Chill, morning, spa, jazz, 140bpm, christmas.

Once you created your playlist, you can decide when to play it with our scheduler and assign it to one or multiple music zones in few clicks.

Done, all your players will update seamslessly in seconds. Easy as it can be.

User and permissions manager

Appoint fine-grained trust to who deserves it

Add as many users to your organization and decide what they can see and do.

First, invite them to joing your organization on AmbiMusic, then decide what they can do.

For example, they could manage playlists only on a single zone, or for the entire brand, change volume or simply look at whats playing on the zones you want.

This way, managine a large fleet and organization is as simple as doing it yourself.


Our cutting edge music player box

Don't let its tiny dimensions to fool you: even if compact and lightweight, AmbiBox is a rock-solid music box designed to play your music in high quality, 24/7, always on for years without a single glitch.

We've perfected its playback engine for years, with Volumio technology, and partnered with a world-class manufacturer to deliver this low-consumption heavy-duty wonder.

Just few clicks away, and it will be shipped to your doorstep.

Unlimited possibilities, one price

from 14,90 euro
per zone per month

Manager customers and locations efficiently

Create, manage and assign unlimited playlists

Robust and flexible player for web, app or hardware

Customizations to fit your branding

Manage every instance anytime, anywhere

A dedicated standalone player that just works