Ambimusic is a service created to simplify, improve and expand the delivery of in-store music experiences.

It features a powerful management system which allows to manage several brands, locations and individual music zones at once: this way, managing thousands of different locations will be as simple as managing one.

Ambimusic can play, without a single interruption, remote streams, music files or integrate with music services.


Volumio's team frontrunners shape their vision for a new company focused on B2B Music Business services.
The new company will inherit Volumio's state-of-the art playback engine, used at the time by over 120k users worldwide, and develop a matching ecosystem thanks to the team experience in delivering IT solutions to 3 fortune 500's companies.
Ambimusic fundamentals are identified thanks to several focus groups held with well established european Music Providers and a simple, yet ambitious Master Plan is envisioned.


Ambimusic has been created by world-class pioneers of digital music reproduction: the Volumio team.

As Volumio, we received countless requests to create a simple way to play great music in every location, and that’s how we shaped Ambimusic: by listening to the needs of Music Provider and Music agencies.
We realized that there was no need for yet another network streamer, or another proprietary CMS solution.
Instead, our goal is to deliver a complete and uncomplicated solution which encompasses everything from hardware, cloud based CMS to account and customer management.
This integrated approach will be the key to our and your success: delivering music for business with Ambimusic is efficient, scalable and cost-effective.

Ambimusic's mission is to become the most advanced, easy to use and complete solution for business music management and delivery.

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